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Ozone Dental Therapy

Ozone therapy is the newest treatment to treat tooth decay. Currently available for treatment of cavities and root canals, ozone therapy can be used to thoroughly disinfect the cavity or root canal before treatment is completed.

This is a minimally invasive procedure that will ensure that the infection is completely removed from the tooth before the restorative solution is completed, helping to slow the decay process and save as much of the remaining tooth as possible.

Effective Disinfection of Your Decayed Tooth

Traditional cavity fillings and root canal treatment are effective, but with ozone therapy, we can more thoroughly remove the infection from the tooth that will attack the interior of the tooth and cause further decay and excruciating pain. We can explain the entire process to you before administering it, so you know exactly what to expect. Call us to schedule an appointment and discuss the ozone therapy process and whether it is right for your specific situation.