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We only offer IV and Oral Sedation!

What is oral sedation? IV sedation?

Oral sedation is the most common anesthesia associated with sedation dentistry. The patient is instructed to take oral medication producing light to moderate sedation prior to being driven to the appointment by a responsible caregiver. Once at the appointment, the patient may receive additional medication as needed to ensure comfort.

The difference between oral and intravenous sedation is the way in which it is dispensed. With IV sedation, medication is administered intravenously through the veins, and because of its rapid effects, many patients prefer this safe and effective option. The patient reaches a comfortable “semi-awake” state of reduced anxiety and can respond to verbal commands easily when necessary.

Why do we need sedation?

We believe in making every effort to bring you comfortability during a dental procedure. This means offering sedation dentistry. Imagine having your appendix taken out or your leg operated on without sedation! That’s unthinkable. So, why should you go without sedation for dentistry? We spare no effort to make your dental experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Is sedation safe and are there any side effects?

For oral sedation we use Triazolam, a short-acting pill in the same family as Valium, whose active time begins diminishing within two hours. It is prescribed hundreds of thousands of times a year by physicians as a safe prescription sleeping aid. The DEA has categorized it as a schedule IV substance, meaning it is only one category higher than common aspirin.

The most commonly used drug for IV sedation is short-acting benzodiazepine, an anti-anxiety sedative. A typical IV session takes up to an hour and a half and is extremely safe when carried out under the quality supervision of our specially-trained dental staff. Statistically speaking, it’s even safer than a local anesthetic on its own. But contraindications include pregnant women, people with a known allergy to benzodiazepines or who suffer from central nervous system depression, and some kinds of glaucoma.

Sedation Dentistry is NOT for Everyone

It’s important to note that we cannot provide this service for all patients. Our specialists will discuss the options available to you, but we will not administer sedation to anyone if we feel there is a risk to your health and safety. In the event that sedation is appropriate in your case, we will thoroughly discuss the sedation process, so you have a full understanding of the sedatives being used. We will also ensure that you have a friend or family member here to safely transport you home, as driving while under the influence of sedatives is dangerous and illegal. For more information, please call us to schedule an appointment.