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Teeth Whitening in Katy & Houston, TX

Using continuous refrigeration to keep the bleaching gel from degrading, the KöR Whitening System offers consistent results for your tooth whitening needs. This process has satisfied numerous patients with successful results. This revolutionary system can result in much better outcomes than other, traditional tooth whitening systems. If you want to get superior whitening results in a fraction of the time, La Michoacana Dental Care can assist you with effective solutions.

Permanent Whitening System

The KöR System can fully rejuvenate your teeth, restoring their youthful ability to absorb bleaching factors by allowing pigments and stains to be flooded by bleaching agents. It also breaks down larger stain molecules to smaller colorless and white particles.

This allows you to maintain the effects with periodic treatment, keeping the level of permanent whiteness without hampering your ability to consume coffee, tea, wine, and other staining agents.

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